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The Kanji Readings & Meanings
すみやか:そく:はやい:はやめる - fast, quick 音速 on soku - the speed of sound
早速 sassoku - immediately, at once
はいせいそむく:そむける - back (body part) 猫背 neko ze - bent back, stooping over
背番号 se ban go - number on backs of players
せいれる:らす - fine weather 素晴らしい su barashii - wonderful
晴耕雨読 sei kou u doku - work the fields on sunny days, and read on rainy days. (proverb)
せい - system, control 規制 ki sei - regulation
無制限 mu sei gen - limitless
せい - manufactured, made in ~ アメリカ製 amerika sei - made in America
木製 moku sei - made of wood
ぜい - tax 関税 kan zei - customs, duty, tarrif
税制改革 zei sei kai kaku - tax reform
ぜいせつ- explain 解説 kai setsu - explanation, commentary
仮説 ka setsu - hypothesis
せき - seat 運転席 un ten seki - driver seat
欠席 kesseki - absence, non-attendance
せきむ:もる - to accumulate 見積もり mi tsu mori - estimation
積極的 sekkyoku teki - positive, active
せきめる - burden, blame 引責辞任 in seki ji nin - taking responcibility for one's actions and resigning
無責任 mu seki nin - irresponsibility
せき - achievements 実績 jisseki - actual results, achievements
成績表 sei seki hyou - report card
せき - one of a pair; counter for boats 数隻の船 suu seki no fune - several boats
一隻 isseki - one (counter for boats)
せき - register 国籍 koku seki - nationality
本籍地 hon seki chi - permanent residence
せつゆき - snow 豪雪 gou setsu - tremendous snowfall
初雪 hatsu yuki - first snowfall (of the season)
花吹雪 hana fubuki - falling flowers (usually cherry blossoms)
せつもうける - set up 設計図 sekkei zu - blueprint, plan
モデムの設定 modemu no settei - modem (computer) setup
せつ- to contact, touch 直接 choku setsu - direct, immediate
面接 men setsu - interview (for a job...)
ぜつえる:やす:- to die out, cut off 断絶 dan zetsu - become extinct, cease to exist
絶頂 zecchou - peak, climax, summit
せん - a line 境界線 kyou kai sen - boundary line
曲線 kyoku sen - curve
せんもっぱ- exclusive, sole 専売 sen bai - monopoly
専門 sen mon - speciality, major (in university)
ぜんまった- whole 安全運転 an zen un ten - safe driving
全開 zen kai - full throttle, all the way, full speed
ぜんねん - yes, but, however 偶然 guu zen - by chance
自然 shi zen - nature
全然 zen zen - not at all, entirely
- ancestor 祖国 so koku - father land, native country
祖先 so sen - ancestor
そう - conceive, image 感想 kan sou - comments, thoughts, impressions
理想的 ri sou teki - ideal, the most suited
想像 sou zou - imagination
そう - total, general 総合的 sou gou teki - synthetic
総理大臣 sou ri dai jin - Prime Minister
そうまど - window 窓口 mado guchi - ticket window
同窓生 dou sou sei - alumni, school mates
そう - stratum, layer 階層 kai sou - class, level
成層圏 sei sou ken - stratosphere
そうふた - set of two, double, twin 双眼鏡 sou gan kyou - binoculars
双子 futa go - twins
そう- sweep 清掃車 sei sou sha - garbage truck
掃除機 sou ji ki - a vacuum cleaner
そう - dry up 乾燥 kan sou - dried, dehydrate
乾燥洗濯 kan sou sen taku - dry cleaning

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