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The Kanji
Readings & Meanings Useful and/or interesting words
あい each other; mutualそう appearance; aspectしょう minister of state 首相 shu shou - prime minister
相合傘 ai ai gasa - 2 people sharing an umbrella
相変わらず ai ka warazu - same as always; same ole same ole...
相撲 sumou - Sumo (has a special su sound)
あい love 愛している - I love you!
愛妻 ai sai - beloved wife
愛知県 ai chi ken - Aichi prefecture
愛読 ai doku - a Book lover
ゴウカッ to be together; to fit 相合傘 ai ai gasa - 2 people sharing an umbrella
場合 ba ai - a case, situation
具合 gu ai - condition (of various things)
都合 tsu gou - circumstances, condition, convenience
あきなう : しょう to sell; trade 商港 shou kou - a trade port
商業 shou gyou - commerce, business
あさい : せん shallow, superficial 経験が浅い kei ken ga asai - have little experience
浅緑 asa midori - light green, pale green
あずかる : to keep; to take charge of あずける to deposit 預け金 azuke kin - key money (if you live in Japan, you should know this word. related word: 高い)
預言 yo gen - a prophecy (Note: 予言 yogen also means prophecy)
あせかん sweat; perspiration ase - sweat
汗腺 kan sen - sweat gland
あそぶ:ゆう play; to be idle 遊園地 yuu en chi - an amusement park
遊星 yuu sei - a planet
遊牧民 yuu boku min - nomad (yes, this is useful!)
夢遊病 mu yuu byou - sleepwalking
あたい value, price price 価値 ka chi - worth, value
あたえる : to give; award; cause; to assign (a task) 与える ataeru - to give, to present
あたたかい:おん warm; temperature 気温 ki on - temperature
温泉 on sen - Onsen, hot spring
温度 on do - temperature (degree)
あたたかい:だん warm; cordial 地球温暖化 chi kyuu on dan ka - global warming (also uses double the study!)
暖まる atatamaru - to warm up; warm oneself (note: 温まる is also ok)
あたまとう head; top 石頭 ishi atama - hard headed person (stone head)
赤頭巾 aka zu kin - Little Red Riding Hood (lit. red hood)
あたり:へん vicinity; neighborhood この辺 kono hen - this vicinity, around here
たる:とう to hit; to winてる to hit; to guess 弁当 ben tou - lunch box, Bento
本当 hon tou - truth, really
当然 tou zen - naturally, of course
適当 teki tou - suitable, good, fit
あつ pressure 気圧 ki atsu - atmospheric pressure
電圧 den atsu - voltage
あつい:しょ summer heat; hot 暑中 sho chuu - summer (middle of)
あつheat; hotねつ fever; heat; hot; craze ne tsu - a fever
熱心 nesshin - fervor, zeal
熱帯 nettai - the tropical belt
あつい:こう thick 厚さ atsusa - thickness
厚紙 atsu gami - thick paper
あとせき trace; marks, remains 足跡 ashi ato - footprints
遺跡 i seki - ruins, historical remains
奇跡 ki seki - a miracle
あばto disclose, open, exoiseぼう violent 乱暴 ran bou - violent, rough
びる:よく to bathe 日光浴 nikkou yoku - sunbathing
あぶない:あやうい dangerous; unsafe; unsteady 危機 ki ki - a crisis
危機管理 kiki kanri - crisis management
危急 kikyuu - emergency
危険 kiken - danger, peril
危険人物 kiken jinbutsu - a dangerous person
あぶら oil 醤油 shou yu - Soy sauce
灯油 tou yu - kerosene
油絵 abura e - an oil painting
あぶら fat 脂肪 shibou - fat (body fat)
あまい:かん sweet 甘口 ama kuchi - mildness, sweet flavor
あまto leave over more thanあまthe remainderあまto remain; to be beyond (one's power) 余地 yochi - room, space
平均余命 hei kin yo mei - life expectancy
む:へん to compile; to knit 詩編 shi hen - the Psalms
編集 hen shuu - editing, compiling
編集部 hen shuu bu - editing department
あやまa fault, error to pass; elapseぎる to exceedごす to go to excess 食べ過ぎ tabe sugi - eat too much
過去 kako - the past
過去形 kakokei - the past tense (grammar)
過ぎ越しの祭り sugi koshi no matsuri - the Passover
あやまる: mistake 試行錯誤 shikou sakugo - trial and error
誤解 gokai - a misunderstanding

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