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The Kanji Readings & Meanings
かのかれ he, that 彼氏 kare shi - a boyfriend
彼女 kanojo - a girlfriend, she
かまう:こう structure, posture かまえる construct, mind, put oneself in a posture 結構 kekkou - splendid, nice, it's enough
構いません kamaimasen - I don't mind, it's ok
かみしんじんかんこう god, God, mind 神戸 kou be - Kobe (city in Japan)
精神 sei shin - mind, spirit, intention
神様 kami sama - God
かみはつ hair 金髪 kin patsu - blond hair
散髪 san patsu - hair cutting
共白髪 tomo shira ga - growing old together (couple)
からい:しん hard, spicy hot (food) 辛い karai - spicy hot
辛い tsurai - hard, heart breaking
らす to let dryれる wither 枯れ木 kare ki - a dead tree, dry wood
夏枯れ natsu gare - summer slump
からまる:らくからentwine, to twine around 連絡 ren raku - contact, communication, connection
短絡 tan raku - short-circuit (electronics)
かるい:けいかろやか light (weight) 軽犯罪 kei han zai - a light offence
軽口 karu kuchi - a talkative person (loose mouth)
かわ skin kawa - skin, hide, leather, fur, pelt, bark
皮肉 hi niku - sarcasm
かわそく side 内側 uchi gawa - the in-side, interior
向かい側 mukai gawa - the other side
かわかす:かんかわdry 乾燥機 kan sou ki - a dryer (drying machine for clothes...)
乾杯 kan pai - cheers! (lit. dry cup)
かんさむcold, 寒中水泳 kan chuu sui ei - swimming in the dead of winter
防寒 bou kan - protection against the cold
かん feeling, sense, feel 実感 ji kan - real feelings
第六感 dai rokkan - the 6th sense, a hunch
女の直感 onna no chokkan - women's intuition
感じる kanjiru - to feel, experience
感謝 kan sha - thanks, gratitude
感動 kan dou - to be moved (emotionally)impressed
かん complete, perfect 完璧 kan peki - perfect, completeness
完全 kan zen - perfection, completeness
完全主義者 kan zen shu gi sha - a perfectionist (person)
かん government 警察官 kei satsu kan - a policeman
官庁 kan chou - government office
かんくだ pipe, control 血管 kekkan - a blood vessel
管楽器 kan gakki - a wind (musical) instrument
管制塔 kan sei tou - a control tower
危機管理 ki ki kan ri - crisis control (management)
かんせき concern, barrier 関係 kan kei - a relationship
玄関 gen kan - entrance to house (where you take of shoes)
関心 kan shin - concern, interest
かん view 観光 kan kou - sightseeing
観光ビザ kan kou biza - tourist visa
かん publish 月刊 gekkan - a monthly publication
週刊 shuu kan - published weekly
夕刊 yuu kan - evening paper
かんれる:らす habit, custom, to get used to 習慣 shuu kan - custom, habit, manners
慣れる nareru - to become accustomed to, get used to...
かんす:dry 梅干し ume boshi - umeboshi (dried sour plum)
干し草 hoshi kusa - hay (dry grass)
かんく:roll up, volume 絵巻き e maki - a scroll with pictures
竜巻 tatsu maki - a tornado
鉢巻き hachi maki - a headband
巻き物 maki mono - a scroll
かん simple 簡単 kan tan - easy, simple
簡略 kan ryaku - simplicity
かん a can (drink or food can) 空缶 aki kan - an empty can
缶詰 kan zume - packed can, canned goods
缶切り kan kiri - a can opener
かんわずらsickness, affection 患者 kan ja - a patient
重患 juu kan - a serious (heavy) sickness
がんまるまるい:まるめる round 日の丸 hi no maru - the Japanese flag
丸見え maru mie - completely visable, see everything
がんきし (sea) shore 海岸 kai gan - seashore, coast
川岸 kawa gishi - a river bank
がんねがwish, ask a favor, desire 念願 nen gan - one's heart's desire
願い negai - a wish, a desire
願望 gan bou - desire, wish, aspiration
がんふくむ:ふくめる contain, include, keep in one's mouth 含蓄 gan chiku - significant
含み笑い fukumi warai - suppressed laugh, giggle, chuckle
しるwrite down 暗記 an ki - memorize, learning by heart
日記 nikki - a diary
創世記 sou sei ki - Genesis
記憶 ki oku - memory

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