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The Kanji Readings & Meanings
タ, ほか - other, another 他社 ta sha - another company
他人 ta nin - stranger, another person, outsider
デン, つたう, つたえる - transmit, report, tradition 手伝う te tsudau - help, assist
伝説 den setsu - legend, folklore
伝統 den tou - tradition
ガン, かお - face 笑顔 e gao - smiling face, all smiles
似顔絵 ni gao e - portrait, picture of someone's likeness
ダン, トン, かたまり, まる- group, association 楽団 gaku dan - orchestra, band
座布団 za bu ton - cushion, Japanese style cushion for sitting on tatami mat floors
団子 dan go - dango, Japanese sweet dumplings
タイ, ツイ - opposite, versus, compare 絶対 zettai - absolute, absolutely, unconditional
反対 han tai - opposed to, opposition, resistance, opposite
テロ対策 tero tai saku - anti- terrorist
シュウ, ふね, ふな - boat, ship 呉越同舟 go etsu dou shuu - enemies in the same boat, enemies who have to work together (not by choice)
助け舟 tasuke bune - help when needed
渡し舟 watashi bune - ferry boat
ウン, くも - cloud 暗雲 an un - dark clouds
星雲 sei un - galaxy
雲隠れ kumo gakure - disappearance, suddenly disappear
雲海 un kai - sea of clouds, looking above clouds (in a plane)

ろう - labor, effort 肉体疲労 niku tai hi rou - totally fatigued
勤労者 kin rou sha - worker

ろく - record 回顧録 kai ko roku - memoirs, recollections (written down)
黙示録 moku shi roku - the Apocalypse, Book of Revelation
録画 roku ga - recording (video)

ろん - argue, theory 議論 gi ron - discussion, argument
結論 ketsu ron - conclusion
理論 ri ron - theory

わん - bay 台湾 tai wan - Taiwan
湾岸 wan gan - gulf coast

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